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What Does The iPhone 4GS Think About Cowboy Boots?

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Old Gringo BootsEver wondered what artificial intelligence thought about cowboy boots? Well, when asking Siri on the new iPhone 4GS, she responded with her own opinion. It was tough trying to come up with something to use the new feature that the iPhone 4GS is known for, but it was decided to see if Siri had any personality. The first pair of boots that she displayed were the Chercruda by Old Gringo boots. You would have to assume that this pair of boots were first because Siri may actually have a little style, even though she is just software on a smartphone (just don’t let her know that). The Chercruda boots are one of the more popular styles of Old Gringo boots, and this could also be why Siri had them as the first result that was returned. Although, let’s just leave it as she has her own preferences. If you are already starting your early Christmas shopping, then maybe you should consider a pair of Chercrudas. They have beautiful embroidery and colors all throughout the boot and they are crafted from high-quality leather that you cannot find anywhere else. You will definitely score some points if you put a pair of these under the Christmas tree this year. Especially after your loved one puts them on their feet and feels how comfortable they are. They will never want to take them off! There are many other styles Old Gringo boots have in their cowboy boot line. So, if you don’t like the Chercruda’s unique look, then check out the rest of the collection that Old Gringo offers. You are bound to find something that will fit your loved one’s personal style. Whether they prefer the vintage cowboy look, or a high-fashion style, you won’t have a problem finding the perfect pair. Siri didn’t have any issue saying which style she liked, and once you see all the different styles, you won’t either!