Look at the Manufacturers When Buying a Lift Kit

February 27th, 2009

You need to look at the manufacturers to decide type of lift kit you want. Choose whether you want a body or suspension lift kit wisely. Performance Accessories is a Chevy lift kits company that gets good reviews from people. That company is good because it offers good parts, decent prices, and easy instructions.
The choice is not as simple when it comes down to looking for a suspension lift kit. There are too many good manufacturers to consider. When you choose a manufacturer, you need to ask does he or she install tuff country lift kits, skyjacker lift kits, or whatever type of lift kit you had in mind. You need to look at cost, performance, ride quality, and warranty.
The Trailmaster is highly recommended because of its inexpensive price. Also, the Pro Comp is just as good. The skyjacker lifts cost more than the body lifts so you do need to do a price check before you buy anything. If pricing is your major concern, I normally recommend either Pro Comp or Trailmaster.
The Fabtech and SuperLift are good choices when you think about how your truck will actually perform. They are really good when it comes down to mud and rocks. You will have to spend a little bit more money on them.
Suspension lifts in some people’s eyes will affect the ride quality. You need to check out which manufacturers are the best at giving you the time of your life. The Rancho and Skyjacker tends to top the list in consumer’s satisfaction when it comes down to ride quality.
Make sure you do some research on the truck lift kits. Also, you should research the manufacturers and the kits themselves. Lift kits have been known to have bad parts. You should check the reliability of these companies. Check their websites out and look for contact information.
If you’re buying for somebody else other than you, you should ask them exactly what they want and consider their safety. Don’t be too harsh on them, but don’t be too easy either. If you do your homework, you will thank yourself in the end.

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Particular (and silly) Rules to Serving Wine

February 13th, 2009

Ask half-a-dozen experts at what temperature to serve a given wine and you are likely to get six different answers, some in degrees Fahrenheit or Centigrade. This makes wine seem like too much bother, and is ridiculous anyhow, because a cold wine warms while it is in your glass.

But just as most of us like our soup fairly hot and our coke ice cold, we enjoy some wines best unchilled and others chilled. You can at least be sure that everyone wants Pinot Gris and Champagnes cold; many of their labels tell you to serve them that way.

Tradition says to serve red wines at “room tempera­ture,” but this rule must have originated in chilly castles in England, because in the steam-heated apartments of America that would make your Burgundy lukewarm. If you do a little experimenting, you may reach the same answer most people have: that most red wines are liked slightly cool, and the slightly-sweet “vinos” right out of the refrigerator, particularly a Malbec or Nebbiolo.

However, if you are bringing out a bottle of very old red table wine, the “room-temperature” tradition is al­most right. Since the main reason for aging such a wine is to develop its fragrant bouquet, it is worth bringing the bottle to the dining room an hour before dinner and re­moving the cork to let the wine breathe, thus releasing its winy perfume. This also helps with young red wines, if they are served at room temperature.

As for Roses, Sherries, and white dessert wines, most people seem to like them cold, but preferences do vary. Some like their red Port chilled, too. In modern American homes the quickest way to chill a bottle of wine is to lay it in the freezer for a short time. If there is no hurry, a few hours in the refrigerator usually suffice.

Silliest of all wine customs is the napkin wrapped around the bottle. Three excuses are offered for this piece of hocus-pocus: that it prevents the hand from warming a chilled bottle (in which case, why use it for a Cabernet Sauvignon?); that it prevents the bottle, wet from chilling in an ice bucket, from dripping water, and that the cloth catches any drops that might drip.

Actually, the napkin is only an affectation, and an unpleasant one, because it hides the label from a guest who might like to know what he is drinking. The only good excuse for the napkin is one never mentioned: that in opening a bottle of Champagne there is a one-in-a-billion chance of the bottle breaking from the pressure inside, and the napkin protects the hand.

The best way to prevent wine from dripping on the tablecloth is to twist your wrist inward slowly as you finish pouring—thus catching any stray drops on the lip of the bottle. There are also some gadgets that you can buy to insert in the bottle’s mouth for the same purpose.

Another "rule"—cutting the capsule—is a mere foible of people who like the bottle to look its prettiest. Whereas most people tear off the foil or plastic that protects the cork or cap—thus making the bottle seem rather naked—the connoisseur carefully cuts it, just below the bottle’s lip, before wiping the cork clean.

The next bit of ritual also makes gracious sense. It calls for the host to open the bottle at the table—not in the kitchen. There is something about the popping of the cork that whets the guests’ tastes for the wine. But the ceremony in which the host deliber­ately smells the cork, is only disagreeable, and is made quite unnecessary by the next performance, which is called “pouring the cork.”

It is often asked why this is done—that is, why the host’s first action, after the bottle is opened, is to pour an ounce or two into his own glass. There are two rea­sons: first, to let any bits of broken cork go into his glass in order that the guests shall not get any; and second, to allow him to taste the wine and make certain that it has not spoiled. Since a musty cork can make the wine taste “corky,” this obviates the necessity of going through the smelling procedure.

Fussiness reaches an absurd climax in this ritual: the exact order in which a wine is served to the guests. The books of rules are in pontifical agreement that the host must proceed counterclockwise around the table, serving first the lady at his right, then each of the other feminine guests, and next reverse his direction, serving wine to the gentlemen. Really though, it is best to serve your guests in any order that is convenient.

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Mini Spy Cameras are Not Just for Spying

December 31st, 2008

No, mini spy cameras are not just devices you see in Hollywood crime dramas. They are very much real. They exist in a number of everyday items that people use. Does this mean that you never know when you’re being filmed by a spy camera? Perhaps you are. They are so small and so compact that you would never see it coming. But how small are they? How affordable are they? And how easy are they to get? These are all great questions, especially if you’re looking into integrating a mini spy camera into some part of your life and the lives of your family members.

The size

Mini spy cameras come in many different sizes. You can find them to be as small a the lens on your cellular phone or they can be the size of the end of a pencil. It depends on what you need and what you need it for. Believe it or not, spy cameras used to be the size of the bags they were carried in. This means that, if a woman was carrying a purse with a camera in it, the camera was most likely the size of the bag. It would have its lens facing a certain direction, such as through a mesh material that kept the camera from being seen. Then again, it may have been peeping through a small hole to capture whatever it was trying to capture.

Today, mini spy cameras are much more than that. They have a high quality picture without having to be bulky or have complicated controls. They are usually controlled from another location. There is just not a size standard when it comes to mini spy cameras.

Choosing the right mini for you

Again, it depends on what you need the camera for. If you simply want to keep an eye on your office while you are gone, then you want one that you can operate from a remote location. If you want to be able to hide the camera in one part of hour house and then record what it sees on a DVR in another room, then you’re either going to need wired or wireless. Many individuals choose wireless because of the lack of wires. No wires means not giving away the fact that there is a spy camera in the vicinity.

You’re also going to have a lot of mini spy cameras to choose from. Take a look at this list:  Exit signs, emergency lights, computer speakers, baseball hats, electrical boxes, neck ties, wall clocks, pencil sharpeners, vanity mirrors, teddy bears, a pen camera and so much more. The list can go on and on because spy cameras can literally be placed within anything and everything. There is not much that you can’t find with a mini spy camera in it.

What is great about all of these mini spy cameras is the fact that they are all affordable. You’re looking at investments of anywhere between $100 and $300. However, it is hard to put a price on security and on safety. Whether you’re looking to use a spy camera to keep an eye on things at work, at home, or elsewhere, they definitely come in handy. Everyone should have a camera stashed somewhere to ensure that certain aspects of their lives are not being compromised

Problem solved

So now the problem is solved. You now know that Hollywood movies are not the only things possessing the knowledge and the rights to spy cameras. Mini spy cameras come in all different shapes, sizes, forms, and colors. They come in a variety of items that you can use every single day. They are also affordable and they are going to offer up the protection and security that you need. That means you’re looking at an investment that is more than worth it. You’re looking at an investment that is going to help you feel safer throughout your everyday life.

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Choosing the Right Phone Recorder for Your Business

October 21st, 2008

Shopping for a phone recorder to archive client interviews and conversations so you can refer to them later? Recording your project discussions with clients (with the client’s permission, of course) can save you and your client many headaches by preserving a record of what the client asked for and what you agreed to. It’s much easier to refer to a recorded conversation than try to decipher scribbled notes or remember a conversation that may have taken place days or weeks ago.

When you purchase a phone recorder, your first decision will be between analog recorders (cassette tape) and digital recorders.

A cassette phone recorder is easy to use, is the least expensive type of telephone recorder, and will capture your phone conversation on cassette tapes that can be used in any machine, for transcription or review. A basic recording device will use standard cassette tapes, the size music albums are recorded on. You may prefer a micro-cassette recorder for its smaller dimensions and tape size.

By using a digital phone recorder, you can record phone conversations onto the machine’s built-in memory, which holds many more hours of conversation than a cassette. In fact, some digital recorders hold hundreds of hours of conversation. Digital devices are also much smaller than even the smallest cassette recorders. And with a digital machine, you can upload your conversations directly to your computer.

If your priority is low cost and ease of use, a cassette recorder may be your best option, while a digital recorder makes sense if you want to upload to your computer and record more conversations without switching out tapes.

While price and size will be a consideration in choosing a phone recorder, you will probably make these decisions as part of your cassette or digital choice. When you choose digital or cassette, you are also choosing the amount of storage.

The next major question is, do you want to record phone calls only on your land line, or do you need a phone recorder that will record cell phone calls, as well? If you need to record from your cell phone, you need a digital device designed to work with cell phones. Cassette, or analog, recorders, and some digital recorders, cannot be used with cell phones. These machines attach between the handset and the phone cord. You need a recorder specially designed to record from your cell phone.

If selecting a phone recorder is starting to sound complicated, it’s actually not. There are many varieties of these devices, but narrowing the selection is very simple. Again, you should first decide if you want a cassette or digital recorder. This will limit your search to only one type of machine.

If you want a cassette recorder, your main choice will be micro-cassette or standard cassette, and then you can choose the device that sounds best for your needs and your budget.

If you decide on a digital recorder, do you want one that records from cell phones? Once you choose between cell-capable and land line digital devices, you can choose from the machines that do exactly what you need to do. You’ll look at the capacity, the size and other features.

Once you know the basic type of recorder you want, choosing the specific model is relatively easy. There are many different styles and types, varying from basic to extremely feature-loaded, but the trick to finding what you want is knowing what you need.

Choosing a phone recorder is much like choosing a car or a computer. You start with a basic list of features you need, and the things you think would be nice, then you can seek out the recorder that meets those requirements within your budget.

The best way to make sure the phone recorder you buy meets your needs is to take the time to shop carefully. Allow yourself to be impressed with all the bells and whistles on some machines, then focus clearly again on what you really need and buy the machine that does what you need to do, at the best price.

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Add a Theme to your Baby Gift Baskets

October 20th, 2008

Baby gift baskets are sure to be well appreciated. Especially if the unique baby gifts baskets are given a personal flavor, they will make very exceptional gift items. They can be delivered to the hospital where the mom has given birth, or brought as a gift during baby showers and birthday parties. Usually however, gift baskets are given during baby showers favors and on the day the baby is already delivered.

Compiling the usual items inside the baby gift baskets may be all right, but adopting various themes for the gift basket is definitely gaining popularity. Now there are a variety of themes available, whether prepared by baby  specialty stores, or handpicked personally by the well wisher. Themed baby baskets are more attractive, and simply show that the gift was given special attention.

Cartoon character themes are popular. There are a lot of cartoon characters to choose from, and by choosing which character dominates the gift basket; the color theme of the basket is also automatically selected. Also there are a lot of baby items already printed with such cartoon characters, so choosing this theme is not really difficult. For baby girls cartoon characters of fairies, dolls, and princesses will be very eye-catching packages. For little baby boys gift baskets, or baby girl gift baskets too  robot, animal, or anime characters will be most fitting choices.

If the well-wishers want to make it simpler, choosing a simple color theme is another good alternative. This will give the baby gift baskets a unified feel, rather than just stuffing the basket with random colored stuff. For example, a wicker basket with pink ribbons, white and peach balloons, pink-tipped feeding bottles and pacifiers, and pastel pink sleeping sets will be one sweet creation for an adorable little angel. Choosing the right colors will reflect the amount of effort put into the gift, and surely will be greatly cherished by the baby’s proud parents!

Lastly, baby gift baskets can be given a theme according to the kind of gifts selected. A baby may be given a feeding set, a bath time set, a travel set, or a bedtime story and music set. For the feeding set, baby bottles, feeding cups, bottle racks and bibs can be very good items. Bath time sets may include hypoallergenic bubble baths, light baby oil, diaper rash cream, and soft towels. Travel sets might contain bonnets, socks, baby jackets, and a big sized baby bag. And finally, bedtime story books and soothing music CDs may be given to enhance the listening skills of the baby and give a relaxing mood to the baby’s nursery.

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