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Gifts For Both The Wedding And The Wedding Anniversary

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

Weddings are great celebrations and a good excuse to splurge on a party. Just like the celebration of a birthday or anniversary, gifts are a must at weddings both from the guests to the wedded couple and vice versa.

To reduce duplication and wastage of gifts, it is best to provide a wedding gift list of your preferred wedding gifts. While this procedure is not cast in stone, most weddings will have some kind of a list to help guide guests in choosing the right kind of gifts to get the couple. After all, as a guest, the last thing you want is to be the fourth person to give the couple an electric oven! The wedding list is usually with the bride, groom, Maid Of Honor, Best Man and their families. Availability of this list is usually indicated on the wedding invitations so check the invite carefully for any such notices. Even if this is wedding gift preferences are not mentioned, it does not hurt to find out from the couple’s family members. You will find that some couples actually want only monetary gifts.

Getting wedding gifts can be an easy or difficult process depending on:
How well you know the couple. If you are not well-acquainted with them, you may face indecision about what to get them. If this is the case, you may find it better to share a gift with another guest who knows them better. The bridal couple’s lifestyle. This can be tricky, especially if they are socialites as it could be splurging a little bit more on the gift so you live up to their expectations.

The wedding gift list. You may find most of the items on the wish list a little out of your budget. But it IS on the wish list. So, the best thing you can do is pool your money with another guest and book that gift.

Wedding party gifts are also an important part of the wedding. These are gifts that are distributed to wedding party members from the wedding couple. The wedding party consists of those who play the main roles in the planning and execution of the wedding. Those in the wedding party are the bridesmaids and Maid Of Honor, groomsmen and Best Man, and both sets of parents. Often, these gifts are a little token of appreciation for the party’s physical and moral support during the hectic months of planning, particularly to the Maid Of Honor, Best Man and both parents.

Although they are usually the closest to you, what you get your wedding party does matter getting your bridesmaids the exact same gift as your Maid Of Honor, for instance, may not be wise as she decidedly plays a bigger role and contributed a lot more to your wedding than the rest of the girls. Should you decide to make a big distinction between some gifts and the rest gifts for the Maid Of Honor and Best Man, for example, are usually more valuable than those of the bridesmaids and groomsmen it is best to be discreet about them as you do not want to raise some internal ill-feeling.

Just like weddings, wedding anniversary gifts can be just as celebratory and thought-provoking, if not more. After all, while a wedding celebrates the start of something new, an anniversary celebrates its success. Some anniversaries are more momentous than others anniversaries like 25th or 50th, for instance, often call for huge celebrations.

25th anniversary celebrations are also known as Silver anniversaries. This means gifts should normally be silver-based, silver in color or made of silver. In today’s world, this includes gifts that are made of sterling silver. Popular 25th wedding anniversary gifts are photo frames, jewelry and apparel accessories like cuff links, brooches, tiepins and belt buckles.

A less auspicious but no less important anniversary is the 40th wedding anniversary. Just like its 25th anniversary counterpart, the 40th also has a traditional stone which is the ruby. It was chosen to symbolize the 40th anniversary as it is believed to possess an inner flame which symbolizes the passion in a marriage. Some options for the 40th wedding anniversary gifts are ruby red glass vases or ruby jewelry.

Whether it is a 25th or 40th wedding anniversary, anniversary gifts are just as important as wedding ones, if not more so, as they symbolize the lasting love between a couple that surpasses age and time.

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