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Look at the Manufacturers When Buying a Lift Kit

Friday, February 27th, 2009

You need to look at the manufacturers to decide type of lift kit you want. Choose whether you want a body or suspension lift kit wisely. Performance Accessories is a Chevy lift kits company that gets good reviews from people. That company is good because it offers good parts, decent prices, and easy instructions.
The choice is not as simple when it comes down to looking for a suspension lift kit. There are too many good manufacturers to consider. When you choose a manufacturer, you need to ask does he or she install tuff country lift kits, skyjacker lift kits, or whatever type of lift kit you had in mind. You need to look at cost, performance, ride quality, and warranty.
The Trailmaster is highly recommended because of its inexpensive price. Also, the Pro Comp is just as good. The skyjacker lifts cost more than the body lifts so you do need to do a price check before you buy anything. If pricing is your major concern, I normally recommend either Pro Comp or Trailmaster.
The Fabtech and SuperLift are good choices when you think about how your truck will actually perform. They are really good when it comes down to mud and rocks. You will have to spend a little bit more money on them.
Suspension lifts in some people’s eyes will affect the ride quality. You need to check out which manufacturers are the best at giving you the time of your life. The Rancho and Skyjacker tends to top the list in consumer’s satisfaction when it comes down to ride quality.
Make sure you do some research on the truck lift kits. Also, you should research the manufacturers and the kits themselves. Lift kits have been known to have bad parts. You should check the reliability of these companies. Check their websites out and look for contact information.
If you’re buying for somebody else other than you, you should ask them exactly what they want and consider their safety. Don’t be too harsh on them, but don’t be too easy either. If you do your homework, you will thank yourself in the end.

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